Call for Artists: Portraits

A portrait is any artwork that depicts a person or people. LightSpace Gallery is now accepting entries for our next exhibition, Portraits. There is NO entry fee. All art mediums are allowed: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, embroidery, digital art, etc. To submit your art for consideration in this show, please email the following materials to by November 20, 2021

1) One to five pieces of your artwork, scanned or photographed, and uploaded in jpeg or jpg format.

Label each file like this: FirstName_LastName_ImageNumber.jpg

For example:






2) A completed and signed Artist Agreement form, found HERE. 

Scan or photograph the completed form and attach it to your email. 

Label the files like this: FirstName_LastName_AgreementPageNumber

For example:




Good photographs are essential. When photographing your artwork:

1) Please be sure that in your photo, the artwork is viewed straight-on,

not at an angle. Point the camera at the front and center of your artwork.  

2) Please be sure that no part of your artwork is cropped out of the photo,

and that no object is in front of your artwork blocking any part of it from view.

3) Please be sure that there are no shadows across your artwork. 

Feel free to contact with any questions at all about your photographs, your application, or the exhibition.

If you are not sure how to price your artwork, the gallery can advise on that. 

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Thanks for submitting!